Passage is a set of libraries and tools
aimed to put your product under
licensing protection
Easy to integrate
You can protect a product by licensing literally with less than ten lines of configuration code. Passage and Access Cycle (Passage runtime) take care of the rest.
Flexible and adaptable
Passage runtime is designed with the finest care in a series of services with clear functionality. While there are perfectly orchestrated set of well-functional default implementations right out-of-the-box, API allows you to contribute your particular algorithms in almost any place of Access Cycle. This means you can affect the very process of license checking to make it suit your peculiar needs.
License issuing
While Passage Access Cycle prevents a product from being exploited without proper license, Eclipse Passage Operator product, an RCP application, is dedicated to the license issuing. It helps to define and evolve product decomposition in terms of licensing, lease, keep and trace issued licenses; supplies analysis and reports.
Floating licensing
Passage supplies its own implementation of floating license server, which is integrated and tested with products under Passage protection.
LIC: Access Cycle
Plug Passage Access Cycle to your product to empower licensing protection. It is ready to operate, but can be flexibly tuned to address special demands of your product.
Define protected features of your product, keep track on their evolution, issue licenses.
Let controlled amount of clients run you product been licensed in a centralized and trackable way.
LOC: Licensing Operator
Design your own licensing operator with LOC.
LBC: Licensing Backend
Licensing server particles.
LDC: Development
Development support components: template projects for Eclipse, cheat sheets, cook books.
All Passage products are themselves licensed by Passage.
Have a look how headless application declares licensing requirements and checks license coverage in key points of the code base.
And how RCP-application communicate actual licensing status, allows import a license, supplies information gathering for license issuing, explains licensing state diagnostic.
Get a picture of the whole licensing process facilitated by Passage
Integrate Passage into you product code base
Core of the Passage runtime licensing protection
Eclipse Passage Operator
User Guide
View online or download PDF
Eclipse Passage Floating License Server
Administration Guide
View online or download PDF
Support for Passage components and products and for projects integrating Passage is supplied by
Community Support
Professional Support
  • We respond fast
  • with exhaustive answers
  • and code examples.
  • We integrate Passage into your product,
  • customize it for your needs.
  • We implement additional features
  • to licensing Operator
  • or Floating License Server.
  • We work under NDA , if you require.
There are several professional support options,
starting from 1620€ for 10 hour professional support
additionally 5 hours project sponsorship.
Contact us.
Licensing of a product is a broad area.
Despite Passage is good enough in its out-of-the-box configuration,
there are still plenty of ways to make it satisfy your needs better.
Contact Passage Team to get service.
Integrate Passage
Passage API is simple, integration documentation is exhaustive and the very design of Passage-Product-Passage communication is subtle and straightforward. Yet you still can invite Passage Team to implant Passage runtime into your product.
Customize runtime
Passage is highly configurable and there are very much functional implementations for each part of its runtime. Nevertheless, if your product needs something special, we can implement it and integrate.
Handle license issuing
When your product is protected, lots of new tasks related to license issuing open up: invent, keep and manage licensing meta data, issue, store and distribute license, communicate with clients. Passage Operator product helps to serve these needs, but we can take care of all these tasks for you entirely.
Run a Floating License Server
We can host and maintain a Floating License Server for your needs.
Passage Team is always ready to collaborate!
Join Slack channel
Join us in ArSysOp Slack Channel to ask Passage Team a question.
Join our mailing list
If you are interested in Passage project evolution, join our mailing list to get news from the first hands and ask questions to the Team and community.
Use Community Forum
You are welcome to open new theme on Eclispe Passage Forum either to get help or to propose an idea.
Request a feature, report a bug
Passage is an open source project developed by a small team of seasoned engineers under Eclipse Foundation roof.
It is available for use under terms of Eclispe Public License 2.0,
which means you can utilize it in a wide variety of ways.
We are always glad to get help with the current tasks.
Evolve Passage
Feel free to share your thoughts and offer pull requests in Passage GitHub repository.
Improve documentation
Any help is welcome, including to-do-issues to Passage Documentation GitHub repository.